The FosterOn Story. How It Came To Pass.

Jessica Hall Harrington and Christina Hall share more than an unwavering commitment to kids about to age out of foster care.

And more than the title of Co-Founder. They are sisters. From a tight-knit family rooted in three generations of adoption. A family that understands that the ties that bring families together and foster growth, confidence and character come not from a gene pool. They come from the heart. Both Jessica and Christina are adoptive Moms themselves. In Jessica, a physician and Christina, an attorney and teacher, life experiences in health care, social services, adoption, non-profits and entrepreneurship come together as FosterOn.

Beyond a lawyer’s skills of discernment, a physician’s belief in evidence-based solutions and a teacher’s passion to communicate, FosterOn grew out of Christina and Jessica’s understanding of the power of family. The sense of self and the sense of belonging that grows in that rich soil. A chance interview on NPR set the wheels in motion. Jessica found herself listening to a story of young teens aging out of the system just as her own teens were facing the complex issues of those years. At the same time, Christina, was entering motherhood through adoption and recognizing the importance of family even for an adult. Seventeen year old Will Harrington challenged his mom and aunt to take action. The moment defined the goal for FosterOn: no teen or young adult should age out of foster care alone, without lifelong connection to caring adults.

The Hall sisters at the hospital the day Christina’s son was born.

Today, FosterOn is building support for the foster community, exposing inequalities, inspiring the actions that can end this crisis and drawing new like-minded collaborators to the cause every day. Welcome to the FosterOn family. Fueled by tenacity. Highly organized, intensely compassionate and intellectually disciplined. Just like the sisters who started it. On behalf of 23,000 young adults with their whole lives in front of them year after year.

Christina Hall, Co-Founder and CEO- Bio
Jessica Hall Harrington, Co-Founder and President- Bio

"Each Year In The U.S. 23,000 Kids Age Out Of Foster Care Alone Without A Family And A Home."

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