At FosterOn we recognize the need for all youth involved with the US foster care system to have caring relationships with safe, supportive, committed adults in their lives. But LGBTQ youth and youth of color who have experienced the foster care system have special needs:

Research shows that LGBTQ youth and youth of color are over-represented in the US foster care system.

Each year approximately 25,000 youth age out of the foster care system in the US--and 20% of these youth will become homeless.

A recent report by The University of Chicago reveals that "young people experiencing homelessness are most likely to be African American, Latinx, and/or ...LGBTQ. LGBTQ youth had a 120% higher risk of experiencing homelessness..."

The rate of depression and suicide attempts in LGBTQ youth is staggering-- 1.8 million will attempt suicide each year. A new report from The Trevor Project reveals that a relationship with one caring, accepting adult reduces the risk of suicide attempt by 40%.

FosterOn is actively looking for adults from these communities to become mentors, advocates, and foster parents for these most vulnerable and deserving youth. Please contact us to learn more.