May is National Foster Care Awareness Month

FosterOn Partners with Artists For Humanity


Every May the US celebrates National Foster Care Awareness Month.


This year FosterOn is partnering with Artists For Humanity (AFH)* to recognize and honor the stakeholders of our foster care system — the children and youth, foster and adoptive parents, volunteers, and professionals working in this space.


Pairing the personal quotes of these foster-care stakeholders with beautiful designs boosts the impact of these messages, allowing them to be seen and heard by many who previously hadn’t considered what it means to live and work in the foster care system.


Be sure to follow the FosterOn Facebook and Instagram accounts to Hear and See the individuals who have shared their experiences.


FosterOn and AFH thank the J.E & Z.B. Butler Foundation for their financial support of the “Hear Me. See Us.” Campaign.

*Artists For Humanity (AFH) provides under-resourced teens the keys to self-sufficiency through paid employment in art and design. AFH leverages the young and engaged minds of Boston teens, the mixed media skill set of their professional team of mentors, and their pioneering social impact model to offer unique opportunities for enriching urban communities and introducing young people‘s creativity to the business community.

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